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Apolemme is a full-stack software development company that helps your business resolve challenges of any complexity

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The services we provide:

Back-End Development

Back-End Development
Our team is experienced in developing diverse software solutions whether it is monolithic, service-oriented, microservice or serverless architecture. We know how make your application reliable, fast and profitable. The team stick to the best practices and the best industry standards. We help you to come up with a right solutions for your goal and guarantee full compliance with you expectations.

Front-End Development

Front-End Development
Apolemme team knows how qualitatively and quickly reach the first expected result. We use React and Angular frameworks to make your application extensible, fast and customizable. And of course we know how to use these technologies more efficient using along with Node.js. Highly optimized and highly qualitatively product is our approach of web development.


Our team has highly experienced in integrating with various 3rd party systems for diverse tasks such as integration with payment providers, search engines feeds, maps, POS terminals, etc. Ensuring reliability and resiliency is one of the main principles of integration with 3rd party systems. In addition, we come up with API interface to make possible to use your product as a part of interactions with other software productsApparently, we help you to develop MVP, make research, add features to support A/B testing etc. to make increase profit from your application


Product Design
Our approach involves the use of a responsive design to ensure that the application can work regardless of the platform. We develop designs of any complexity for any platform using a single code base for different instances.

Technologies we use




Container Orchestrations







Message Brokers



Media and entertainment
Financial services

Why choose us?

Save Your Money
We believe, that transparency and efficient process are main principles of successful project. Namely, to done project within time and on budged. We know how to save your money and complete your project in time
Our experience shows, that successful project depends on an outside perspective and expertise sharing. We will help you to choose an appropriate approach to you project and take the right direction to complete your goal
Full Control
Transparency, transparency and transparency again. You will have the opportunity to monitor all changes that occur in your project and closely communicate with all team members.
The Team
Expanding your team maintain 100% control over project management. The result-oriented team will take care of your project. We focus on high-value, communication and flexibility
The project support just like oxygen for blood. It makes a profit when it is supported. We do not stop on release, we move forward to improve your project to make it more profitable, more beautiful, faster
Development Standards
We use only the best development standards and help you choose the perfect solution for your needs. We will create an MVP and figure out how to make your project ready as soon as possible and meet the requirements

Tell us about your project