Our Approach

Best results delivered are only possible when all the team members love what they do. Our experience proves it.

Why We Love


We have daily meetings for aligning updates to understand the current progress and overcome issues may happen
For effective team work, we usually schedule two week sprints. After each sprint, we summarize the results to improve the process
Before starting work, the task is analyzed to find gaps in the requirements and accurately estimate the team
We monitor compliance with all the main indicators for the successful completion of the sprint: velocity, capacity, burn-down chart etc. that you receive the product on time
Product Increment
Product Increment is an evolution that any business needs. Here all your new ideas, tasks and points go into the progress state
It is the ongoing process life cycle of a project. It allows to keep transparent communication, plan resources, bring down impact of risks and control the project quality

Best Practices

Code review
Our team strictly comply with code quality. Fresh eyes on the code quality guarantee stable, fast-acting and high-quality solution. On this stage any bugs or inconsistencies can be found here and fixed.
To make your product extensible and easy scalable we do code restructure if it is needed. It guarantees that your ideas or features will be developed in short time
Static Code Analysis
We use static code analysis benefits to keep high test coverage, look for potentials issues, stick to unified code design and reduce logic complexity. It tremendously improves your project quality without resource costs
Every single feature or change is documented strictly. We keep changes not only in terms of code history and also we provide functionality documentation to keep information about it valid. It helps to write tests, understand how system works and improve it accordingly
Whether it is a feature or a bug, we cover it by tests. We use almost all kinds of testing: unit testing to test your specific feature or part of it, integration tests to check interaction, functional testing and regression testing to be sure functionality meets you requirements and works as expected
It ensures that your product is always stable and you can get it ready. When the ticket is ready and validated by QA team, you will be happy to see required feature live

Workflow phases

Apolemme team will help you come up with ideas for your products or services. We will assist you brainstorm initial ideas on how your tech project could create value.
Concept & Research
Starting with technical recommendations we come up with a proof-of-concept (POC) or prototype, followed by a detailed product strategy plan and a scope of work. We get your product ready to hit the first phase of the development — an MVP.
We will benefit you to define the mission and vision of the project with an initial strategy, as well as road-maps of and strategies to reach key milestones in the first few years.
At this stage, we iterate and test the specific project to find the best way to implement tried and true ideas and guarantee initial user growth and/or revenue. Initial Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are identified at this stage.
Focus on KPI based measurable growth in users, customers and revenues and/or market traction & market share in an already big or fast-growing target market. Additional hiring, quality improvement, and process implementation also take place during this stage.
We can help your startup achieve great and continuing growth through the use of careful planning.

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